A sculpture in true detail - a real replica of you!

You in small - how is this possible?

Vividness for your digital environment!

Our online shop offers a wide choice of lifelike, digitalised humans and pets.

The nc3d-photo booth

A powerful system with swivel-mounted cameras. Individually adjustable facial cameras.

Wide choice of 3D printers

inclusive equipment you will find in our online shop.



Sculptures true in detail as a unique type of memoir in3D! With the help of the latest in technology, permanent mementos that can be touched are created.

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Vividness with digital 3D models of persons and animals for architectural environments or complex renderings. Lifelike persons in many different postures.

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The powerful nc3d-photo booth is individually adjustable, the cameras are swivel-mounted. Data collection by means of photogrammetry.

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Das Fotostudio Friedrichshafen ist im Sommer 2017 umgezogen
28. July 2017

Wir sind umgezogen! Seit Sommer 2017 finden Sie uns im Trautenmühleweg 23 in Friedrichshafen

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Scan to go - Die einfachste Fahrt in Deine 3D-Welt!
25. December 2016

Es ist so einfach: 3D-SCOOTER ausleihen - 3D-Aufnahme in 30 Sekunden - um Daten und 3D-Druck kümmern wir uns!

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Das hr-fernsehen dreht bei nc3d in Sachsenhausen!
14. October 2016

Moderator Dieter Voss unterwegs in "Dribb de Bach" - Sachsenhausen. Am Dienstag, 13.12.2016 um 20:15 Uhr im hr-fernsehen.

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nc3d is a business division of ncd nietfeld GmbH specialised in the development and construction of various components. 3D printing is using to make sure the shape and function of the component conform to the idea. ncd has been running this "rapid prototyping" for years and thus has a lot of experience in the field of 3D.


The main focus of nc3d are 3d-portrait, 3d-files and 3d-hardware.

nc3d offers lifelike miniature figures, also called Mini-Me or Shapie, and scanbased, highly-detailed and digital 3D humans. The 360° shot will be taken in the high-tech photo booth.





Contact us

  • 3D store Friedrichshafen
  • Charlottenstraße 49,
    88045 Friedrichshafen
  • +49 7541 37510-333
  • +49 7541 37510-633
  • info@nc3d.de
  • 3D store Frankfurt am Main
  • Brückenstraße 17
    Eingang: Elisabethenstraße,
    60594 Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen
  • +49 69 96374-993
  •  +49 69 96374-992
  • frankfurt@nc3d.de

About nc3d

nc3d is an innovative service provider in the booming high technology areas of 3D printing and 3D modelling. nc3d offers a full package consisting of 3D portraits, 3D files and 3D hardware - a three-dimensional all-round service ranging from lifelike miniature figures, to photoreal 3D models for complex renderings and CGI visualizations up to 3D printers.