3D photo booth

Our high performance photo booth is flexibly adjustable

nc3d photo booth

The nc3d photo booth is a robust, modular scaffold with roof strut.

- data collection by means of photogrammetry

- large image recording platform decoupled from the scaffold

- on the inside, the photo booth is fitted with a special fabric

- the roof strut allows variable fixtures such as object holders or a swing for seated positions.



- shooting range 15 x 15 x 15 cm up to 160 x 160 x 215 cm with an inside diameter of the booth of 320 cm

- closed interior shields the technical equipment and favours the calculation of reference masks


80 digital single lens reflex cameras

- all cameras are swivel-mounted, 34 of these are quick-action cameras; the camera scan volume and camera angles can be adjusted to the object within merely a few minutes

- individual adjustment of the system to different object sizes without time consuming manual refocusing using the autofocus mode


Integrated, space-saving lighting concept with indirect lighting

- four powerful studio flash units

- output data free of image noise due to imaging using great focus depth with basic sensitivity of camera sensors

- flashes ensure a very short exposure time to freeze movements

- blink reflex is not triggered until after image recording. These flashes do not startle animals and children

- effective elimination of extraneous light

nc3d additional modules:

Our "nc3d ShootHelper" accompanies you throughout the entire photo shoot.

The software imports the recorded images and automatically creates the customers' invoice folders and the folders for the individual shoots.  


The nc3d photo booth is also available with a fully closed outer wall and door. 

There is a customisable booth size.


Maintenance agreement

We offer an annual inspection of the nc3d photo booth. If you like, we make a support.




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3D post-processing for best results

As soon as image recording is completed, the 80 two-dimensional photos are transformed into an elaborate 3D data model. Then professional 3D designers put the finishing touches on the image calculated from millions of pixels in order to ensure the best possible quality and attention to detail.


3D printing

You are interested in our printing services? We will gladly provide you with an individual offer or advise you on the establishment of your own printing workshop.

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About nc3d

nc3d is an innovative service provider in the booming high technology areas of 3D printing and 3D modelling. nc3d offers a full package consisting of 3D portraits, 3D files and 3D hardware - a three-dimensional all-round service ranging from lifelike miniature figures, to photoreal 3D models for complex renderings and CGI visualizations up to 3D printers.