Your clothing for a perfect result

A sculpture in true detail - a real replica of you.


Just like you - just as you are. The better the quality of your photos, the better the sculpture.

A precondition for a good picture is that the structure of your clothing must be well recognisable. Then we can create a sculpture of you in true detail. Like the real idol - in small and yet as unique as your are.


Textiles, shoes and accessories with a clearly structured surface, for example jeans, wool clothing or knitwear, are best to obtain perfect pictures of you. If possible, please avoid glittery, see-through and very fine textiles. Fine textures and transparent fabrics such as tulle are difficult to reproduce.

Due to the coloured print of your 3D sculpture, the best effects are achieved with clothing in various colours.

We recommend bringing along more than one outfit to your 3D photo shoot. We will then have a look together what works best. Fitting rooms are available in our 3D photo studio.

After miniaturisation, filigree details such as shoe laces and protruding fingers are very thin and can therefore break easily.

Your discreet make-up will be reproduced well.


Of course, we can reproduce your personal accessories as well. Please bear in mind that they are very delicate when miniaturised and can break easily.


For your accessory such as a hat, bag, musical instrument or flower bouquet there will be a small surcharge.


We recommend taking off your glasses for your 3D shoot. It is difficult to take a picture of you with your glasses because of the reflection and the partly filigree details. Should you insist on wearing your glasses anyhow, we will try, but we cannot promise that your glasses will be reproduced well.


We have some snacks for your small friend so that your pet stays in the desired position for the photo shoot.


You and your beloved four-legged friend will have a lot of fun with us. We are glad to answer any questions about your 3D portrait with your pet. 

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Duration of the 360° shoot

For your 360° shoot and your preparations, we need 30 minutes.

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