To your 3D sculpture in 5 steps

Expert advice:

Step 1

Your personal preparation

Arrange an appointment at one of our 3D stores. Our competent employees make time for you to advice you in detail. You have brought along your special outfit and would like to cast a glance in the mirror? Spacious fitting rooms are available for your preparations.


Note: Since not all pieces of clothing are suitable for a perfect result, we recommend bringing along more several outfits.


Important note on your clothing

360° shoot:

Step 2

More than 80 photos of you

Now a photograph of you will be taken in our high-tech photo booth. All 80 cameras are triggered at the press of a button - in less than a second! Our high performance photo booth is flexibly adjustable and the cameras are individually aligned.


Note: Our highly flexible and very fast shooting technique makes it possible to take photographs of groups, toddlers, and dogs, and even of a combination of all of these.

3D post-processing:

Step 3

You in 3D

After the photos have been taken, the two-dimensional photo data is transcoded into your complex 3D data model. After that, our 3D designers give the image of you comprising thousands of pixels the finishing touch - it is processed to the highest possible quality.


Note: You can also purchase your digital 3D data set from us.

3D print:

Step 4

From the 3D model to the 3D figure

Now it gets exciting: Our 3D printer now prints out your 3D data set. Your 3D figure is created from razor-thin layers of coloured mineral powder - a real replica of you.


Note: Your data will be treated with the utmost care and will remain within our group. Made in Germany - Made by nc3d and ncd!


Step 5

You in small on its way to you

Your 3D sculpture has hardened and has been polished. It's now time for the final inspection. Your 3D figure is padded and sent to the address of your choice in a parcel covered by insurance or you can pick up your sculpture at the 3D store. Done!


Note: 3D data processing and 3D printing are time-consuming. For this reason, it may take up to two weeks for your 3D miniature figure to be completed.

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About nc3d

nc3d is an innovative service provider in the booming high technology areas of 3D printing and 3D modelling. nc3d offers a full package consisting of 3D portraits, 3D files and 3D hardware - a three-dimensional all-round service ranging from lifelike miniature figures, to photoreal 3D models for complex renderings and CGI visualizations up to 3D printers.